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Cultural responsiveness in perinatal mental health: Working effectively with women and their families from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds

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Course Duration: 
Thu, 2011-11-10 (All day) - Fri, 2013-10-25 (All day)


The course provides a basic introduction to cross-cultural considerations for engaging effectively with women from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds experiencing mental health issues during the perinatal period. Please note this is not an accrediated course, and as such further training is recommended. Links are provided for this.

Who is this course intended for? 

Health professionals from a variety of backgrounds (including mental health, midwifery, maternal child health professionals) who work in this field. A knowledge base of postnatal depression and related disorders in the perinatal period is therefore assumed. We recommend that you use the scenario and resources to develop a holistic understanding of perinatal mental health care across a variety of service sectors.

How does this course work?

In this scenario-based course, you will follow a fictional case of a new mother, Samira, who has been referred to a Mother Baby Unit with concerns for her mental health following the birth of her first child. You will also meet Jodie, a staff members on the ward, who will be working with Samira. You will follow what unfolds for Samira, her family and the staff involved in her recovery-orientated treatment and care. The scenarios are complimented with theory and resources to enhance your own practice around cultural responsiveness. Throughout this course, you will be asked to reflect on the issues raised, and consider:

-How the service in which you work responds to diversity in our community

-How you and your workplace take into account cultural considerations which may impact on assessment,  treatment and care

Please note: This is a fictitious scenario. The characters in the story are played by actors. Although we aim to present the complexities of real life, any similarity to real life events or identities is coincidental.

What is the duration?

There are 6 sessions taking in total approximately 90 minutes to complete. If you need to exit the course and return at a later time, exit at the end of a session, then use the side bar to commence the next session when you log back in. Once registered, users can access the Navigation and IT Help on the side bar to learn more about how to use the course.   

Please note that the training requires Flash Version 9 or above.

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